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Our first year has passed in a blur of activity, and our only regret is that we didn’t know about RiverBend 10 years sooner.  Barry and I would especially like to thank you and your entire staff for the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism you have shown.  From the grounds crews to the pro shop, to the clubhouse, everyone has been outstanding in their roles.  We are experienced enough to know that this performance excellence has to be a standard set and monitored by those in charge so our appreciation as well  goes out to you and your department heads.

Catherine and Barry Thomas


Please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you and your staff accomplished in preparing for and hosting our marriage celebration. From the moment you welcomed us to the Club, to helping us create a menu, and suggestions how the evening could proceed, we knew we were in for a great experience. We certainly hoped for a special evening to celebrate our marriage. You and the staff have provided us special memories of an evening we will remember forever.

Grazyna & Peter Martin


Thank you for making our once in a lifetime day a once in a lifetime experience.

Matt & Katelyn Ferguson


I just returned from the RiverBend member guest - I think this was my third year playing in the event - again, I truly enjoyed the experience.
I am a little "long in the tooth" now and during my travels I have had the pleasure of visiting a number of high end courses (Royal Montreal, Magna, Ancaster to mention a couple) - I can honestly say I would rate Riverbend right up there.
While I have always been impressed with the golf course and the staff in general it would appear both seems to have been taken to another level this year - from the staff in the back shop to the pro shop through to the clubhouse staff - a number of adjectives come to mind - knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. 
I firmly believe this does not happen by accident - it is management playing very close attention to the operations they are responsible for - Simon, you and your management staff (Tyler/course super/clubhouse manager) should be exceeding proud of the product you offer - it was my very great
pleasure to experience it this past week.

Dan Cranley


Caitlyn, Now that the dust has settled on a very important day I have taken the time to pause and reflect. I cannot begin to articulate in words how unbelievably fantastic you made Amanda and Ryan’s day. Everyone at your facility needs to know how detailed and professional they are in what they do. A few highlights:

  • Great set up for ceremony
  • Seamless transition to cocktail time
  • Excellent service of refreshments and appetizers
  • Seamless transition to dinner
  • Dinner service well timed and well attended
  • Food very well presented and delicious
  • Seamless transition to evening of dancing
  • Bar service well managed joyfully served
  • Take down of the venue and storage of belongings well managed

Please share my comments with everyone at RiverBend.

Pat Kelly