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Land Lease

For many new home buyers, the idea of owning a new home but not the land on which it sits is a completely foreign concept. Perhaps you’ve never considered a land lease and what it could mean for you financially or otherwise. At RiverBend Golf Community, your land lease will provide peace of mind, relieve financial concerns and substantially enrich your lifestyle. Here’s how:

Plan for your financial future

One of the greatest benefits to land lease is the fact that you will free up some of the equity in your current home. Whether you are downsizing or not, this is an incredible opportunity to plan for the future. What sort of retirement lifestyle do you have planned for yourself, and how will you achieve it? By saving the initial cash outflow on land you’ll be free to invest or save for the future, all while maintaining the equity in your new home.

We are in this together

At RiverBend Golf Community you purchase a new home and Sifton Properties Limited retains ownership of the land. Quite similar to condominium ownership, it’s a partnership that ensures the community will always meet your initial expectations. Sifton is a family owned company that has been in business for over 90 years. Our long-term investment in RiverBend guarantees that the overall community will continue to meet the highest standards and that you can feel confident in your new investment.


Caring for the property

Simply put, our partnership ensures the beauty of this community. Our Grounds Department provides worry-free year round maintenance. In addition to creating beautifully manicured community grounds, our team will maintain your homes beautiful outdoor appearance. At RiverBend we encourage you to spend time doing the things you love, we’ll take care of the work!